Chaplaincy Program and Spiritual Therapy

Our chaplaincy program and spiritual therapy helps children and families clarify and develop their own values, find their place in the community, and discover a world filled with hope, healing, and wholeness.

We respect all religious and spiritual beliefs that lead to healing, reconciliation, and wholeness. We provide opportunities for children and families of all faith backgrounds to practice their own religious beliefs.

In our nondenominational program, the children are encouraged to participate in spiritual education, explore their understanding of God, express their personal faith, and apply moral principles to their lives. Participation in faith and spiritual services is optional, and services are tailored to the unique needs of individual children. It is our intent to honor families’ desires and beliefs.

Watch this video to learn more about our Chaplaincy Program.

Spiritual services may include:

  • Individual mentoring
  • Group story time
  • Bible study
  • Worship services led by the chaplain and/or community volunteers approved by the chaplain
  • Community service projects
  • Moral development
  • Memorials and community celebrations
  • Worship experiences in the community

For more information on our Chaplaincy Program, call 303.433.2541.