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Tennyson Center for Children provides residential and therapeutic services, as well as a K-12 school, to Colorado children ages five to 18. The children are survivors of severe abuse or neglect, or have significant mental health or developmental issues. Tennyson Center is often seen as a last resort for children who have nowhere else to go, and they’ve been helping children for more than 112 years.

Tennyson Center works with children, youth and their families to overcome a variety of life crises, including abuse and neglect. Tennyson Center is a community of people dedicated to serving children and youth and strengthening families. We provide competent and caring treatment, education and advocacy services that are community-based, family-focused and child-centered.

With your help, we served 499 children and 1,562 family members last year in our three main programs: Residential Treatment, Day Treatment, and Community-Based Services.

Residential Treatment: providing 24-hour care for children who cannot function in a home environment.

Day Treatment: providing an intensive treatment and education program for children who are able to live at home.

Community-Based Services: providing intensive therapy in the child’s home and community.

Want to help more children overcome abuse and neglect or mental health and developmental issues?


Young girl in chaplaincy program

Lucy’s Story

When Lucy came to Tennyson Center, she had been sexually, physically and emotionally abused. As a result, she was emotionally detached. Anytime she felt an emotion, she didn’t know how to react to it and ended up screaming, yelling and hitting anything and everything around her. She was removed from her parents and had been in 15 different foster homes. She was referred to Tennyson Center as a last resort. Lucy was only eight-years-old.

After living at Tennyson Center for two years, Lucy was able to heal from her past traumas. With play therapy (therapy that uses toys and play to help children express themselves) and equine therapy (therapy with horses), Lucy began to feel safe and comfortable. She learned how to trust others again, take care of herself and form relationships with others.

Our team of therapists found an adoptive home for her. She is thriving in public school and living with her new family. Thanks to your support, Lucy received the help she needed to learn how to be a child again.


Tommy’s Story

Tommy is a student in our ASPEN program. He struggled with getting ready for school. It often took him 45 minutes to get dressed and he would complain that he didn’t want to go. Since enrolling in our ASPEN program, he is excited to come to school and will get ready in five minutes! He is thriving at school, participates, and is learning essential social skills such as sharing, managing frustration and being a good friend. Thank you for supporting new programs to help kids like Tommy!


Child abuse facts about kids like this

Amelia’s Story

Seven-year-old Amelia was being sexually abused by her father. When her mom found out, she filed for divorce and moved out of their home. Due to the trauma of abuse, Amelia was harming herself and struggling with serious emotions and was being hospitalized almost weekly. Additionally, Amelia’s mom was struggling financially. Between the divorce, moving out and Amelia’s frequent hospitalizations, her mom was pawning her jewelry just to afford gas to visit Amelia in the hospital. She was desperate. She didn’t know how she was going to make ends meet or how to help her daughter.

Then they were referred to our Community-Based Services. Our therapy team began working with Amelia and her mom for 14 hours each week. As a result, Amelia’s hospitalizations drastically decreased. She has been safe now for several months. Our team is working with Amelia to build coping skills to deal with the past trauma and grow into a healthy adult. Because of your support, Amelia and her mom are able to get the help they need to heal.


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