Give Non-Cash Gifts

Non-cash gifts, such as clothing, school supplies, toys, and books, is one way your generosity helps kids who need it most. We only accept new items. Please call us at 303-433-2541 with any questions.

“You have to share what you have. You have to choose who to share it with. There are lots of people that don’t know about Tennyson Center and that’s where I need to put my money.” Nancy Kurtz, Tennyson Center Donor

Here are ways you can participate:

General Needs List

We always have a need for items in our residential cottages (where the kids in our residential program live) and kitchen (serving three meals and two snacks every day). Thank you for helping us with items on the list. View or print a copy of our current needs list.

Tennyson Needs List April and May 2017.

School Supplies

Every summer, you help us prepare for the upcoming new school year. Every classroom and every child is going to need new school supplies in order to succeed. To see what items are on our most current school supply needs list, click here.



Many children come to Tennyson Center wearing clothes that are torn, tattered, and one or two sizes too small. To ensure that every child has clothes that fit, our clothing shelves need to be stocked with clothes of all sizes. You can purchase new clothes from this website for the kids and they will be delivered directly to Tennyson Center. For more information on the Dress-A-Child program, email

Operation Santa

Every Christmas, we fulfill wish lists for the all the children and families we serve. Anyone can participate: local church and civic groups, individual donors, and corporate supporters. To find out more about Operation Santa or to participate, call 720-855-3212 or email


Gift Cards and Event Passes

Our school kids take field trips just like other schools. And the kids that live at Tennyson Center do lots of fun activities off campus on the weekends just like other kids and families do. We need your help to enable all the kids to do fun stuff off campus. We accept gift cards and event passes for area children’s attractions such as Butterfly Pavilion, Denver Children’s Museum, The Denver Zoo and Six Flags Elitch Gardens as well as restaurants such as Casa Bonita, McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, and more. To participate in this program, call 720-855-3344 or email


Auction Items

Many of our events feature a silent auction. Donors place bids on items and Tennyson Center keeps the proceeds. Want to get your business in front of some serious bidders? If you have an item or items you would like to donate, please contact 720.855.3317 or email Download a copy of our auction donation form.

Donate Your Vehicle

Do you have a used car, truck, van, motorcycle, or boat that you don’t know what to do with? We can take it off your hands and you will receive a tax deduction. It is easy! Submit this form to start the process.


Additional information:

You will need these three things before you contact us. (1) A clear title, which means a title with your name listed in the owner’s section, without an assignment or transfer to another person. All liens must be released prior to donating the vehicle. (2) Your car keys. (3) When you call or fill out the online form, please have the title and current mileage in hand.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How does the program work?

You may complete the online donation form or call 303-308-2400 to donate your vehicle. When the information is complete, it is forwarded to the tow company. They will call you directly to schedule the pick-up. At the time of the pick-up, the driver will give you a receipt for taking the vehicle. We ask that you give the driver the keys and your appropriately signed title.

Do I pay for towing?

No, there is no charge to you for towing.

Do I really get a tax write-off and how much would it be?

Yes you do! The IRS rules allow a deduction in the amount of the gross selling price of your donated vehicle. An envelope will be mailed to you within 30 days of the sale of your vehicle with all the required IRS information and forms. You may also choose to take a deduction under $500 without written acknowledgment.

When you are ready to donate your vehicle, call 303-308-2400 or submit this form.